Monday, 28 September 2009

Hamilton "Sings" at Singapore win

Lewis Hamilton wins his second Grand Prix of the year without having much too trouble him from the other drivers and kept in complete control the whole way for a easy win...

Lewis had led from the start with Rosberg and Vettel slightly keeping up with him some of the way but fortunate for Hamilton his two main contenders for his number 1 spot had some unfortunate problems to cope with within the race. Rosberg who had pitted just before Hamilton was going fast out of the exit misjudged his speed and went over the the white line even though he compensated and immediately went back in received a drive through penalty which would of opened a considerable gap for Vettel and Hamilton but it was only half of the problems Nico Rosberg was going to get.

At lap 41 Adrian Sutil had a spin at a corner and in a inexperienced way drove into Nick Heidfeld trying to get back on the track in front of him. This deployed the Safety car with Nico Rosberg still having to serve his drive through penalty and he couldn't take it before the safety car ended and this would ruin Rosberg's chances of ever beating Hamilton in this race and even worse from being 2nd then being dumped into 14th place.
Hamilton's luck would also help him again with having his only rival left Vettel, also having to do a drive through penalty for speeding in the pit lane while doing his second pit stop. This pritty much guaranteed Hamilton for the podium with him being so far infront of the other drivers and had no more challenges to worry about. Vettel was able to finish in 4th place and broken hearted Rosberg finished 11th place, but a good day for both Glock and Alonso who took their places for the podium a great day to be a Mclaren fan.

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