Monday, 28 September 2009

Alonso to Ferrari in 2010

Fernando Alonso has been rumored by multiply sources that he will be moving to team Ferrari for the 2010 season...

Sources have pointed out that it will be confirmed at Suzuka on Thursday that Alonso will be replacing Kimi Raikkonen for next year. This chance for Alonso has been coming up for years and each time it has been false but will it be true this time? most likely and with good reason to.

Renault failing to produce a decent car.

Crashgate has come up.

Flavio banned for life.

But what does it mean now with Alonso going to Ferrari ? well Alonso is possibly the best driver out of all of them at this current time and with him being in Renault that have failed for 2 years to make a decent car are just holding him back and ferrari are the ticket to let him loose. Also i will point out that Ferrari have stopped making upgrades for the current car for Kimi and have put all their efforts in for the 2010 car, maybe a full on assualt from Ferrari in 2010 now that Alonso is teaming up with Massa? looks like it. But who will suffer the most? it would most likely be Renault by the looks as they will most likely get Heiki and Kubica for 2010. Also Hamilton will suffer some since no love was lost between them after the 2007 season and expect both Great Britain and Spain to pull no punches on who they want to win so expect alot of fierce encounters with both of them on and off the circuit next season.

What about Kimi? well he looks like he will return to Mclaren after 3 years and team up with Hamilton which would be a very good teamate and help get constructor wins and make both drivers concentrate and pull the thumbs out for more wins.

When Alonso does get into a Ferrari they will look to steal titles for years to come but can Alonso get 3 world titles? maybe the only person to challenge Schumachers 7 time world champion record maybe? will Massa be brushed aside even though getting so close last time? only Ferrari and Alonso will know that and time will tell if they do or dont.

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