Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Felipe Massa "back on track"

When his skull was fractured at the Hungary Grand Prix, Felipe Massa has slowly been recovering and getting ready for the 2010 season for his comeback after being injured...

This event took place at the circuit of Granja Viana near Sao Paolo, being looked after by his personal doctor Dino Altman if any incidents would of occured with his health. Monday he was able to do a few laps of the circuit before heavy rain which ended practice for Felipe Massa on the day. Tuesday however he was able to enjoy 60 laps which shows promising results he is getting close to 100% fitness and close to getting back into a Formula 1 car. Massa plans to Go-kart for a few more days and then plans to head back to Italy to the Ferrari factory in Maranello where he will be using the teams F1 simulator, which shows more good signs on Massa's confidence levels.

Ferrari team boss Stefano Demonicali has also not ruled out Felipe Massa coming back near the end of the season for Brazil or Abu Dhabi Grand Prix's, so there may be hope for a comeback for 2009 still for Felipe Massa.

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